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Natural Stone Cleaning and Restore:

Mr. Happy Grout personally assesses the types of stone in your house before they perform any cleaning or restoration work. This assessment allows them to choose just the right cleaning chemical for your stone surfaces.

Shower and Tile Repair:

Mr. Happy Grout loves repairing and cleaning tile. Allen Veil and his son will repair, remove and replace chalking, grout and tiles in your bathroom and kitchen. They will also seal your tiles and grout to ensure that your shower repair service lasts for the long haul.


Mr. Happy grout will clean and seal pavers.


Mr. Happy grout will clean and seal granite in your home restoring it to its original luster.

Grout and Tile Cleaning: Mr. Happy Grout uses a non-toxic neutral cleaning solution on your tile and grout so it's safe for your family and pets. Our tile cleaner penetrates the pores of your tile and grout to loosen embedded dirt and oils. The tile cleaner is then extracted with a high heat and high presser truck mounted unit. After all the solution, dirt and oils have been removed from your grout and tile surfaces, Mr. Happy Grout then applies a sealer to prevent future build up. To finish the job, this father and son team performs a final clean and buff to the entire surface to remove residual residue and ensure that your tile and grout look like new!